What Killed the Dinosaurs?

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Over two hundred million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the land. They lived on the earth for nearly one hundred and sixty million years. About sixty five million years ago, all of the dinosaurs had died out and become an extinct species.

The extinction of the dinosaurs is a mystery. A lot of scientists believe that the earth’s climate dramatically changed, as well as the animals and plants. Many scientists believe that these dramatic changes are what led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

There are several possibilities for reasons why the dinosaurs all died out. Some evidence has been found to support some of the scientists’ theories. But, the extinction of the dinosaurs is still a mystery to us.

There could have been a major earthquake that changed the earth’s climate. There could have also been a great volcanic eruption or some other natural disaster. A strong enough natural disaster could have destroyed the natural habitat of the dinosaurs, causing their extinction.

Something could have happened to cause the population of the dinosaurs to become so small that their species could not survive. There may have been smaller animals that came as a plague and fed off of the dinosaurs’ eggs, devouring so many of them that they ended up causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.

There could have been a change in plant life. There may have been a drought or a long dry period, which possibly could have changed the plant life and left the dinosaurs with inadequate sources of food.

Possibly the most popular theory is that of a giant meteorite hitting the earth. A dust cloud, left by the meteorite may have blocked the sunlight and suddenly changed the climate. The climate may have become too cold for the dinosaurs to be able to survive, therefore they went extinct, along with many other plants and animals.

The dinosaurs dominated a geological time period, called the Mesozoic era. We are able to trace the development of the dinosaurs with fossils that have been found. Some dinosaurs walked on two legs, while other walked on four legs. All dinosaurs were reptiles.


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