how to Customize a sound as a ringtone for you Palm Centro

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  1. *Make sure your phone is fully charged before you attempt this, otherwise your ringtone might not save and be lost.*
  2. Go to your home screen. On home screen of your palm centro, you should see the page with all the applications from the phone.

  3. Then go to the “sounds application”. You can also find this under “settings”.

  4. At the very bottom of the screen, you can scroll down to where you will be able to see  three rectangular,
    oval-shaped buttons.

  5. Locate where there is a button function where it says “new” and click on it.
  6. Recording is easy.Click the record button to record your sound. For a short recording, press the stop button if your recorded sound is finished before time is up.
  7. Then name your newly recorded sound and click ok to save.
  8. Find your ringtone from the sounds list when you are done. (This is the same place whe you would look as if you were trying to change your ringtone.)
  9. Once you find your ringtone, highlight your new ringtone and click the “done” button. (You might want to test out your new ringtone before you go public with it!)

    + You may want to do this in a quiet room or area. Anywhere where there is a lot of background noise can create a low quality ringtone.
    + Make sure that the noise you are recording is loud enough to hear on the lowest setting.
    + Before recording somebody’s voice for a ringtone, make sure you ask for their permission to avoid any misunderstandings or legal issues.


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