Full Steam Ahead! Why President Obama is still pushing his agenda.

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The polls are quite clear, Americans do not want the government health care reform bill(s) on the table, Cap & Trade or immigration amnesty. Is Barack Obam pushing his agenda so hard because of the Presidents’ well know arrogance, cocksure of his absolute correctness on the issues? Is it that he won the election, so he figures it is his right to force his will? Does he think Americans will just love his plans once they’re implemented & besides, they have short memories anyways? Is it something more devious(I personally won’t go there)? Or does he care not whether the Democrats lose congress in November of 2010 (hey, he’s still president until at least 2012)?

In November of 2009, Bill Clinton exhorted skeptical Democrat congressmen to “make history” and pass health care legislation. He stated the reason the Democrats lost control of congress in 1994 was because they failed to pass “Hillarycare”. At first, I was confused at the sentiment, believing that Hillary Clintons’ secret foray into health care reform was the number one reason why the Democrats lost congress. And I still believed that, so I didn’t understand why Bill Clinton, an accomplished politician(that’s not a compliment), would make such a claim. Then it clicked. Whether the Dems passed health care reform back in 1994 or not, they were going to lose congress. In actuality, by not passing it, they did depress the left lunatic fringe enough to make them stay home on election day, therefore making their election day loss even more complete. Now, if they had passed the reform, they may have depressed enough opponents to make a further dent in the election and combined with an energized base, they may have reduced their losses even more. I think they still would have lost congress though, because if it’s possible, people would have been even more angry.

I think Bill Clinton believes he made a mistake in 1994 by not going for the brass ring & he’s now telling Obama and the Democrat Party to not make the same error. In my estimation, and I think in the Democrats’ as well (whether they now pass health care reform or not), they’re going to take a political hit in November ’10, so they might as well go for it.

So flash forward to the present situation. President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are hell bent on ramming through their version of health care reform: Shady deals, taxpayer funded payoffs, dubious methods, bogus accounting claims, unrealistic health care promises, phony bi-partisan outreaches, inadvertent admissions and a total disregard for the will of the people, are some of the low lights of the Democrats health care power grab. Also, lest we forget, the promise of a more onerous IRS: TheHill
I have heard political observers sit back and wonder if Democrats are delusional, arrogant, tone deaf or just politically suicidal? The answer is – Yes. Yes, they are all of that, and add power hungry to boot. And Obama is all of that and what I stated at the beginning of this article. The President and the Democrat Party are now willing to take the short term loss of power that comes with maybe losing congress for the long term power that will come with health care control. They are certainly correct in one assumption though: The American people have short memories & when national health care gets ingrained, they won’t give it back for fear of the many “dying in the streets”, that I’m certain the liberals will portray happening with any attempt to turn it back.
Here’s a burning question also; With the Democrats expected success using the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper, otherwise known as the “Slaughter Rule”, will Obama use it to pass the rest of his leftist radical agenda? The White House fails to rule it out: CNSNews.com
So Americans watch as freedom & liberty get hijacked. Some fight the good fight; Some will take the illusion of a beneficial trade off – freedom for security; Others will just shrug & turn back to their cell phones; while still others won’t even realize what they had, at least not until they stop worrying about what Sandra Bullock was wearing at the Oscars & take a good look at what happened to America. But, alas, it’ll be too late. Arjay 3/20/10

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