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“The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”-goes the famous quote. Definitely it is impossible to imagine the world without women for a single moment. She does all sorts of household work, right from caring the child in the cradle to helping other family members or neighbours in their work.  Right from the sunrise in the morning or sometimes even before that time, a woman wakes up and works the whole day and till late night for her family. She takes care of her family and also the pets. These works done by the women-folk has been termed as ‘her permanent duty’ by our ancient culture.

In the modern times, the women are gradually changing their outlook and coming forward in every field. They have successfully ventured and mastered the areas which were once nominated as male-dominated streams. But still many working women have proved to be good mothers, housewives and daughter-in-laws. Inspite of being overworked and tired, at the end of the day, they have not given up their ‘permanent duty’ of a woman for her family. Though out of the house she may be a teacher, a corporate, a doctor or any professional, for 8 to 10 hours a day, but she is 24x7x365, a homemaker. Every professional takes leave once in a week but there is no leave for a homemaker. One can never imagine a day without a homemaker because every activity gets disturbed in her absence. She knows exactly the need of every member in her family and at the right time, she serves them well. She also maintains cordial relations with her neighbours, friends, relatives and the society as a whole.

But the darker side for the women-folk prevalent in our society is ‘the crimes against women’.

Though, it is declared and many girls think that they are free but in reality they aren’t. A girl is not totally free to go alone in night, and sometimes also in the daytime. She isn’t completely secure.  The cases of eve-teasing and attack by acids are common cases with the girls. Even school going girls are also facing these situations. Anti-social elements are on rage.

She is tortured for serving well. She is treated even worse than animals as if she doesn’t have any dignity. The cases of burning newly-wedded brides, suicides, murders, molestations, etc. are high. Many of such cases go unnoticed and are not registered anywhere.

The most common cases are dowry related crimes. A woman is tortured for not bringing dowry as per the demand from the groom’s side.

The cases of ‘female foeticide’ are also in rage at some places. It is considered as an ill-luck to have a girl child. Though, biologically, woman is superior to man, for she can reproduce the next generation, she is tortured if she gives birth to many female babies. Despite of Government and NGO interferences, such crimes do exist. They are killing the female babies who are the future for themselves as generations cannot exist if all female childs are killed.

Every year we are celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th March in respect of women but in reality 70% of women in the whole world are not living the life of dignity.  They are supposed to be depended upon men for every activity. This is prevalent not only in India but also in the whole world.

My appeal to everyone is to prevent crimes against women. We should educate our society about the righteous path and also encourage girls to move forward and to claim their right. No criminal should be left unpunished in the case of crimes against women. If they are pardoned, they will never change and continue their crimes.


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