The Seeker’s Song…

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The seeker’s song… is a poetic parallel drawn from the lives of many of us who are running this competitive race of life. We want to win. At any cost. And in our almost fanatical fetish for success and all things fine, we tend to leave behind people who essentially form the core of our existence. We sometimes ignore them, sometimes we just never even have the time to build relationships, forget nourishing and nurturing them. And at the fag end of the race, after you have run so hard, you realise, that the victory would actually be so meaningless if you do not have someone to share it with!!!

I’ve loved, I’ve laughed, I’ve lived and cried,
Every trick in the book I’ve certainly tried.

Success and fame are my loyal pets,
I made a killing on every one of my bets.

I’ve traveled the world over and oceans wide,
I’ve also brought my people honour and pride.

So many of my friends I’ve always bailed,
Seldom before in a venture I’ve ever failed.

Yet somehow at the dusk of my life,
I feel the emptiness and an internal strife.

There’s an urge to hold onto all things fine,
I guess it’s the insecurity of being past my prime.

I’m a seeker and till death I shall seek,
A little bit of love and a caring person to speak,

Death is inevitable and soon it will arrive,
But at that moment I wonder, will there be someone who wished I was alive?

Take my message, to you my heart I pour,
What good is success? does it matter how high you soar?

If at the end, you lament and say…..
“There isn’t a single person on this planet,
who gets to know my everything anymore.”


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