Understanding Ourselves and Others

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If you could manage all of the things in your life all by yourself and never have to worry about other people’s opinions and desires, then life would be so much simpler. Of course, that particular thought will never happen. Other human beings play major roles in our lives. It is pretty much impossible to ignore the fact that we are surrounded by people other than ourselves.

The more you come to understand the people around you, the easier it will be to get along with them and deal with them and the things they do. You’ve probably noticed that you often ask why someone did the thing or things that they did. You might even ask yourself, “why did I do that?” People are always trying to understand themselves, as well as other people.

Your self-concept may have a lot to do with why you do the things that you do. A person’s self-concept is the way that the person looks upon themselves. Based on your own experiences throughout your life, you’ve come to see yourself in a certain way. Your self-concept can be influenced by what other people say to you and about you. It can also be influenced by the way that other people react to you.

Our appearance and the way we act influences our self-concept. It also influences the way that other people see us.

If a person is given love, praise, respect, and attention from other people, then that person’s self-concept will be that of a desirable person. If a person is rejected and given much criticism and indifference from other people, then that person will feel inferior and develop a negative self-concept.

If a person performs poorly often, but is still excessively praised by the people around them, then that person will have an excessive self-concept. They may exaggerate their own accomplishments and exaggerate what they are capable of. This can cause adjustment problems for that person.

People are happier and act with more self control if they can, over time, come to better understand how they think and behave and better understand what kind of people they are.


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