How To Install A Printer Drive With No Printer Disk

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Computers, printers and the Internet are an everyday part of life both at home and at the office.  Computers have several useful functions and most people also have printers hooked up to their computer.   When you purchase a new printer there is a disk that must be programmed into your computer in order that the printer may function correctly.  However, if you loose the disk it is still possible to program your computer so that it functions correctly.

 First, if you have a computer and printer and for some reason your computer needs to be reprogrammed, you will need the original disk to run through the system.  If you lost the disk, you may still be able to use your printer effectively.

 First, you need to get the correct make and model of your printer and go to the manufacturer website.  You will be asked for some general information including the type of computer you are using, and the make and model number of your current printer.

 Next, the website should prompt you to begin downloading the correct program that is compatible with your printer/copier.  The installation process may take up to 30 minutes.  Once the installation is completed, you may be asked to restart your computer before attempting to use the printer.

 Basically, if you loose your computer installation disk, you should be able to download the program from the Internet.  However, if your printer is more than five years old you may not be able to download the program from the Internet. 

 My best advice is not to loose your disk; if you do there are some options that you may consider exploring.  


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