How to be happy in everyday life

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Do the best you can-don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t suddenly a millionaire or billionaire by the time that you are thirty-or you are not married or you don’t have kids. Life your life the best you can: strive for realistic goals and do everything one step at a time. Good things usually comes to those who are patient and persevere. See if you can start by getting your own home or a car. But even look beyond the material: just try and do a bit more excersise, try to be a better father/mother to your children. If it is material, do it one step at a time and be very realistic.

We all wish we were very wealthy and didn’t have to work the long hours for not so great pay, like many do. Striving for realistic goals help. It eases our frustration level considerably and actually makes us more happier in everyday life to then make our goals more attainable-and through this attainable life comes more happiness. Having a roof over one’s head, food on the table, some luxury items and soccer or piano for little Timothy or Darla, plus a family vacation once in awhile is more realistic than keeping up with the rat race: getting the latest of everything until we are overflowing with such stuff…and huge credit card and mortgage bills (if we own our very own home).

But even the measured steps can lead to better and better things in time, for we achieve realistic goals and a timetable to pay for and finance all of these things. Through that intense realism, we may end up with a nice car, our own home because we took the careful and measureable steps to get there in the first place. Additionally, maintaining our emotional state by working carefully and meticulously to get better things for aourselves, without it turning into a frantic obsession, that only cripples us emotionally in the end, making us immensely unhappy.

Look at your life as it progresses through one day after another. Negative people and events drag us right down. Steering yourself away from negative people and events helps to keep one happy in everyday life. Helping friends, family and even strangers helps us to be happy. This can also prevent people from becoming negative in the first place, also helping you to feel happy in your everyday life. Guiding yourself to more positive-minded people can go a long way to maintaining that happiness: positive thinking draws positive things and events, negative thinking draws negative people and events.

Even try and work out more. Excersise releases healthy endorphens, derailing the effects of stress on your body. Smile, joke, laugh…watch lots of humor-don’t take everything so literal and seriously. If you don’t, you’ll find out that others want to either. Whatever you do to make yourself happy, just go out and do it. In the end you’ll live a longer, healthier…and happier life.


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