Schizophrenia Cure Based on Scientific Dream Interpretation

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Dream symbols reflect the condition of the psyche, explaining to the dreamer what all the existent dangers around him or her are. Most dream symbols indicate danger because the human being inherits an absurd wild conscience, too violent, that lives trying to destroy the human side of his brain through craziness. This is why the unconscious mind that produces our dreams sends us warnings through dream symbols.

There is too much craziness concentrated in the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human brain. When the anti-conscience manages to invade the human conscience and destroy a big portion of it, the human being cannot fight against the craziness imposed by the wild side, because it has too much power.

It provokes:

1. Disturbances in the vision, the audition and the speech of the affected patients
2. Dizziness, fainting and emptiness in their mind
3. Invasion of absurd thoughts, feelings, sensations and unreal intuition in their brain
4. Hallucinations, lack of balance and lack of coordination in their movements
5. Loss of memory and of basic notions about the external reality where they are

Nobody can fight against schizophrenia or psychosis when it is so powerful. This is why craziness prevention is indispensable for everyone!

Translating the meaning of our dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, we are able to understand the directions of the wise unconscious mind that sends us dream messages in order to protect our human side from the attacks of the anti-conscience.

Dream interpretation as a science is synonymous with craziness prevention, exactly because craziness characterizes the biggest part of the human brain and psyche. Unfortunately the human being is still a wild animal that hasn’t evolved enough…

When a dream translator tries to cure schizophrenic patients through dream interpretation, he or she has to act based mainly on their own dreams about the case they are analyzing, since schizophrenic patients deny relating their dreams and they don’t cooperate with their doctor.

There are many stages of this mental illness, though. When it is in the beginning, the patients can be saved translating their dreams, because they may cooperate in this field.

Other cases are too serious and we cannot expect to have any help from the patients.

The patients in the worst condition may delay around 15 years to be cured, while patients that are not so deeply affected by schizophrenia may be cured translating their own dreams in only 5 years. Of course, they need help from someone else, because they cannot do too much alone and they tend to abandon the psychotherapy.

Time is indispensable for their cure. Unfortunately, they cannot completely recuperate their destroyed human conscience, so they have to acquire a rational conscience and understand how they have to behave, even though they don’t feel anything.

A destroyed conscience doesn’t have any sensitivity. It is dead, without any connection with the external world. It can think, but without feelings it becomes a cruel monster that cannot understand how much pain it provokes to the others.

There are cases of schizophrenic patients who are victims of terror and have serious traumas…

The scientific method of dream interpretation is a solution for their despair, even if they have to delay until they may recuperate their human conscience somehow, besides acquiring a new rational conscience through which they will learn how to judge feelings and sensations, even though they cannot feel anything.

Dream symbols like the spider indicate danger, and when you see it you have to be very careful. The spider represents something you must do without a doubt, otherwise you’ll have to face serious problems later.

If you are not careful and do not do what you must, the anti-conscience will take advantage of your weakness while you will be facing the consequences of your mistakes, inducing you to enter in the labyrinth of craziness, while you believe that you are on your way to happiness and glory!

Another very bad dream symbol is your mother. She represents the anti-conscience in your dreams. You have to be careful when you are near her, because this means that you are being influenced by your wild side.

Your dreams give you warnings and advice about your life and your behavior.

You’ll see good dream symbols only when you translate a few dreams and transform your personality, like a trip on an airplane, which indicates your elevation to a higher level of knowledge.

You must study the meaning of your dreams first of all, if you want to see dream symbols with a positive meaning. Otherwise, you’ll mainly have constant warnings.

You must understand these warnings and correct your behavior, instead of repeating the same mistakes.

Remember: there is too much craziness in the wild and primitive side of your brain. You have to learn the dream language and seriously care about the dream messages, if you want to preserve your mental health and happiness for life, or if you are already a victim of schizophrenia who needs guidance and relief.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is the only solution to all of the impossible problems, exactly because your doctor is not a human being, but the wise unconscious mind that knows everything and is a genius.

Following its directions, you’ll not only overcome any mental illness or solve any kind of problem, but you will also become more intelligent, until you are transformed into a genius too, like the unconscious mind that guides you with infinite dream messages.


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