Bankruptcy – How To Avoid It Using Intelligent Strategies

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Avoiding bankruptcy is not an easy thing to do, especially when a person is already short of cash and falling behind in paying off his bills.  When financial problems get worse, it is normal for everyone to start thinking about filing for bankruptcy, because it is a way out which relieves a person from having to pay back all the piling debts.  However, it should be noted that when a person is declared bankrupt, he will be blacklisted by all credit companies and banks, and he is not allowed to make any loans up to ten years.

A lot of people depend on loans to live, especially those who can’t purchase assets using cash.  In fact, most of us are involved in debts because we are general wage earners who don’t own a lot of money to purchase a house, for example, without getting a loan from the bank.  This is when many of us start to think about ways to avoid bankruptcy, but before doing so people should know about what the U.S. government is doing to people who are filing for bankruptcy.

Simple Things People Can Do To Avoid Bankruptcy

One of the acceptable approach in avoiding bankruptcy is by selling any assets that we own.  For example, if a person owns a car he can sell it off to get some money to pay a fraction of the debt.  Other assets include jewelery like gold and diamond.  If a person doesn’t own luxurious items like jewelery, he can even sell off his furniture or anything he owns as long as he can get more money to pay off the debt.  He can sell the stuffs to friends, family members or even advertise them at the local store like 7-Eleven.

Some people prefer to sell their assets online because nowadays there are several reliable websites that are totally focused on online business transactions, like Amazon and eBay.  When there are consumers coming from all over the world, it is possible to sell everything including things that a person consider as junk, because we should always remember the old saying about a person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

Another good way in avoiding bankruptcy is to sacrifice some of the luxurious facilities that we have been using like a satellite t.v. and a fitness club.  These type of additional items can be let go without trouble, because we can still live comfortably if we don’t watch satellite t.v. or go to the paid gym.  We can still watch television from the free channels, and have regular exercises by jogging in the park which is also free of charge.  By not having to pay for these additional items, a lot of money can be saved and used to pay more debt.


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