Associated press lawsuits and what it means for writers

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Recently Associated Press had a lot of lawsuits against most other companies and writers who rewrite their works without giving proper credit. What does this mean for writers online who write daily? We have to give credit on anything that we get from AP and especially hot news. They don’t really like it when we rewrite their stories too much and don’t give them credit and I think a lot of bloggers forget to give them credit. If you do it too much, you might hear from them some days. If you write for any company, it’s very important to come up with original materials and to write in your own tone as much as possible. You will also need to give them credit at all time.

They said that their hot news is too hot to give away for free without credit. Any time you use their hot news, you should give them as much credit as possible. Recently they sue an artist who use the Obama photo from AP and repaint it in very similar manners. If you look at the photo and the painting, it’s the same photo and this is why the painter got a lawsuit. I think that the painter should give AP credit for using their photo but that photo is copyrighted so the painter can’t even copy it in the first place.

The lawsuit is very steep and they ask for a lot of damages. I think it’s important that writers know that they can get sue too. If you write often and you don’t give proper credit, you can get sue and your company can easily get sue. You should give as much credit as possible and always aim for original work so you don’t get sue. I was shock to see those lawsuits but I guess AP is really serious about people copying them on the net. A lot of blogger have no other sources but to get news from AP so that’s why AP is so upset.


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