Why congress should change laws regarding employment and credit check

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Congress should make it illegal for employers to deny employment based on our credits. This is just to improve the economy. If someone has a criminal record, it’s one story but everyone has bad credit unless you’re wealthy. All these people letting go of their homes have bad credit too. Even the top CEO like MGM, Harrah went bankrupt and have bad credit. They even have to sell all of their casinos. Does this mean that we should ban these CEO from ever finding work again based on their bankruptcy? I’m pretty sure they will still continue to do business and have other opportunities again.

Why would an employer deny employment based upon credit? Poor people need jobs and that’s why they look for a job. Wealthy people don’t look for jobs. It’s kind of ironic to expect poor people to have perfect credit. If they have perfect credit, they wouldn’t be poor. It’s not about the individual but it’s about the economy over all. In Nevada, about 50% of qualified people are sitting at home with no jobs because they have poor credit. People are poor and that’s why they are looking for jobs. It’s just ridiculous and contradictory for CEO to commit fraud and get away with it but won’t hire anyone who has poor credit. At least we don’t commit billion of dollars of fraud like they do.

I hope that Congress would look far into this matter. If someone run into bad lucks in their life and wrecks their credit, it’s just a matter of bad lucks. It doesn’t mean the person is a thief or that they will steal either if they have no criminal history. Why is it that employers are brutal at barring people from employment? They should know that most of their CEO have gone bankrupt before? Congress should make it a federal tax credit for any employer that hires someone with poor credit because it helps them find jobs and get off of welfare. It helps them rebuild their life and credit. It’s just like a tax credit for hiring people on welfare. It’s either they hire them or they will go on welfare and everyone tax dollars will pay for their bills. I think you rather let them work and pay taxes instead of taking up tax dollars that could be spend on something else.


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