Music Man Movie Review

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Sarah Weisberg

Per 5 geography


The Music Man

Plot: A con sales man makes a fake boys band in Iowa and ends up changing the lives of the Paroo family when Winthrop joins the band and another boy who hooks up with the town mayor’s daughter. He falls in love with the sister of Winthrop and decides and to stay and face the town instead of escaping with the money.

Characters: Professor Harold Hill, Marian Paroo, Winthrop Paroo, Mrs. Paroo, Mayor Shin, Eulalie Shin, Barbershop quartette, Marcellus Washbum, Tommy, Zaneeta, Amaryllis, Charlie Cowell


Professor Harold Hill escapes rival sales men whose jobs he’s ruined in other states by conning by citizens before they could reach the customers doors off a train into Iowa where they’re all sure he’d never try. He runs into his old con partner Marcellus who helps him set up a pitch line using the town’s new pool table to sell boy bands lessons to keep the boys of Iowa out of trouble “with a capital T, that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool!” In selling he runs across the Paroo family: Mrs. Paroo mother too Marian “the libraaaaaaaar-IAN!” who has given up on men for good labeling them all as pigs who wouldn’t know good literature if it hit them in the gut and Winthrop a young boy with a lisp who misses his dead father. He also falls into step with a trouble making boy named Tommy who he accidently sets up with the mayors Daughter Zanettee and makes the mayor’s wife head of a dance committee to save his skin for that one. Meanwhile the barber shop quartette is deputized by mayor Shin to go after his credentials and rival sales man Charlie Cowell is town after his neck.  It all comes down to the final moments on the fourth of July when he can make a run with his money or stay behind with Marian who he’s fallen in love with and young Winthrop whose life he’s touched and lips he’s taught a soing, “WITH HARDLY ANY S-ES IN IT! Gary, Indiana Gary, Indiana my home TH-WEET home! ” In a wild chase he tells Winthrop everything as Marian who has fallen for him as well on the footbridge singing, “There were birds in the air, but I never heard them singing, no I never heard them at all, till there was you…” tries to hold off the sales man Charlie having discovered Harold Hill’s credentials already or lack thereof which she kept secret when she saw how happy the new instruments made her young brother Winthrop after a course of, “Well the Wells Fargo Wagon is a coming down the street Oh please let it be for meeeeeeeeee.” However Harold tells her in their moment of privacy before his capture, “For once I’ve found my foot caught in the door” and they kiss passionately before he’s dragged off to the boy band concert by angry townsmen and women to face the mayor. Marian, Winthrop, and Tommy stand up for him when all scream for tar and feathers and he’s given a chance and baton to lead the boy’s band with. “Think men, Think!” he prays under his breath as he raises his baton referring to his fake solution for learning to play instruments “The think system” in which one does not touch their instrument, but merely sings and thinks the tune they want it to play until their ready. The boys put their instruments to their lips and play a horrid screeching, “La-di-da-di-da”. However their parents cheer and proudly point out their sons on specific instruments and the town happily parades down the street as the music suddenly becomes beautiful Harold Hill and Marian leading the way down the streets.

Five Themes:

Location: Iowa

Place: A country like small town

Region: East of America, populated only by humans

H E I: Humans have built homes in the country side raising horses and growing crops.

Movement:  Harold Hill runs into town off a train in hot pursuit by angry salesmen competitors and sells uniforms and instruments door to door.


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