How to have a good relationship with the new boss

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Whether it is you who is starting a new job, or your boss, the first few weeks that you work together can be crucial in deciding your future relationship. If you have been used to working with a certain type of boss and now find that you are unsure of how to build up your relationship with your new boss, then you should consider the following tips.

Be friendly, but respect boundaries

Working with a new boss can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for the first few days. You have no idea what he or she is going to be like or how much they expect of you. Aim to take a back-seat at first until you are surer of your footing. Always be friendly and polite, but don’t hang around their desk asking questions unless they make it clear that they want you to. And don’t ask questions about their private life unless invited to do so.

Arrange a meeting

As soon as possible, arrange a meeting with your new boss. They should want to meet with you as soon as possible anyway, but if not, a gentle nudge can do no harm. This way, you show that you are willing to do all you can to ensure that your working relationship is smooth. You should discuss objectives of the job – it doesn’t matter if you were previously doing the same job with another boss, this one may have other ideas for you.

Complete tasks requested of you

You may find your new bosses’ working techniques to be rather strange to begin with. They may expect too much or too little of you. Initially at least, just do as you are asked. It may be that your boss has different ways of working, which you will eventually realise are much better than you thought. Alternatively, if you really don’t like this new way of working, at least once you have given it a try, you will be able to explain exactly why it doesn’t work.

Don’t judge too quickly

Your initial impression may be that you don’t like your new boss. However, reserve your judgements until you have worked with them for at least a few weeks. Immediate understanding between people rarely happens and it may take a while before you come to see the best in each other. Most importantly, if you are really struggling to like your boss, don’t show it – you should always be respectful, whether you want to be or not.

Don’t spread gossip

It may be tempting to join in with gossip about your new boss, particularly if you want to know whether other colleagues have similar opinions. However, try very hard to keep away from the gossips. At this stage, your opinions are not necessarily the ones that you will have later on in the relationship. More importantly, you don’t want your boss to overhear you or realise that you are taking part in gossip-mongering – this won’t do your relationship any good.

Starting off on the right foot with a new boss is critical, especially as they probably have a say in your future employment or promotion. Don’t be hasty in your opinions, and you should be able to maintain a healthy working relationship.


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