How to Solve a Problem with Qwest or Any Telephone Company

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At the top of a blank sheet of paper document: a) the date and time you will be calling Qwest, b) the telephone number you will be calling to reach Qwest, and c) the problem.

Dial the telephone number you have documented for Qwest customer service and document the representative’s name.  If he or she does not supply their name, ask for it before proceeding with the call.  If the representative refuses to supply their first name, request a supervisor.

The representative should now ask a series of questions in order for Qwest to be in compliance with The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (See

If these questions are not asked Qwest is in violation of this Act and subject to fines up to $10,000 per violation.

The questions should be limited to: a) the telephone number you are calling about, b) your name, c) your billing address, and d) two alternate telephone numbers.  Supplying the last four digits of your social security number is optional.

After answering the Sarbanes-Oxley questions immediately state the purpose of your call by reading from your sheet of paper and allow the representative time to solve the problem.  Do not let the representative interrupt you by giving you a sales pitch as this is illegal.  In Arizona see .

If you reside outside Arizona, contact your state’s Attorney General’s Office for similar legislation.

If the representative is unable to solve the problem ask to speak with a supervisor and document the supervisor’s name.  If the supervisor refuses to supply their first name immediately disconnect the call and go to “Step 6”.

Keep in mind; it has been well documented by the Securities and Exchange Commission that both Qwest representatives and supervisors are under extreme pressure to sell product (see pages 1 and 2) but you, the consumer, are in control.

If neither representative nor supervisor solves the problem to your satisfaction in a timely manner (24 hours in most cases once a problem has been escalated to a supervisor), register a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office in your state.  This can be easily done via the Internet or by writing a letter.  You already have all of your information documented to make filling out an online form or writing a letter easier and faster to do.

After registering a complaint allow one week for a response.

If the problem persists, call Qwest customer service and document: a) who you speak with, and b) the time and date of your call.  Advise the representative you have registered your problem with your state’s Attorney General’s Office.


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