The Benefits of Taking a Second Job

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The working life can be crazy, stressful, time-consuming, energy-sapping, dangerous, risky, socially crippling, reputation-destroying, emotionally draining, confusing, difficult, lengthy, and not enjoyable, yet millions of people participate in it, whether in genuine fondness or as a necessary evil.

Considering the inherent potential setbacks and unwanted aspects of a career, it can be understandably hard to understand why anyone would want a second job. After all, if having one job is so horrible, why would you ever want to punish yourself further?

Upon closer examination, study reveals that there actually are some legitimate benefits to taking a second job. A few, in particular, deserve mention.

Additional Income

Perhaps the most common reason for taking a second job is simply a desire for more money. This may be because the primary gig is not paying enough for expenses, because there is a lofty fiscal goal in mind, or an unexpected hardship has dictated a desperate situation. Regardless of the initial impetus, many people take a second job in order to take a gain on paycheck total. This, of course, provides obvious benefits, as any increase in spending power does. If the job-seeker enjoys this secondary task, all the better, and all the richer benefits in the end, both on paper and in quality of life.

Varied Experience

One of the benefits of a job in general is the experience gained. Not only may it satisfy the educational requirements that many former collegiate students worked long and hard to gain degree-or-similar credentials for, but usually a job will also provide experiences that were never initially in the job description, whether to our chagrin or our advantage. This effect compounds with a second position, only more so if it is in an entire different field, with the job-taker now gaining valuable know-how in two different arenas. This not only provides the basic gain of awareness in knowledge, but may prove to be a rather valuable benefit indeed if one or both jobs are lost and a new one must now be sought and the varied experience can then show up on a new resume.

Quicker Returns

Despite the pervasive nature of loan-inducing elements such as student loans and widely available credit cards, some responsible consumers still prefer to pay for things with money they actually have. In order to gain these items, whether notable investments or simple pleasure acquisitions, they may need to save money. And in order to save additional funds, it would make sense to have the added income provided by taking a second job.

In hindsight now, the benefits of taking a second job may seem obvious. However, the prospect is certainly not for everyone, and all aspects, both pros and cons, should be taken into consideration before making the serious decision of possibly taking a second job.


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