Five easy ways to improve your writing skill

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Writing skill is an indispensible skill nowadays. Not only will the ability to write good articles make you appear more professional and intelligent, it can be a potential source of income. Recently, website such as Bukisa can reward you for writing professionally. If you want to write a great article and distinguish yourself from the rest of the writer, you should follow these principles.

Use Active Voice

Always use active voice. The opposite of active voice is passive voice. The meaning of active voice is best illustrated with an example. With active voice, you always start with the topic of the conversation first. If the topic of the conversation is about the person you are talking with, then you should start with the word “you”. For example, if you want to say that your friend is chasing a mouse, then the sentence of “you are chasing a mouse” is an active voice while “the mouse is chased by you” is a passive voice. Active voice is easier to understand and can be directly associated by the reader.

Use Short Sentence

Research has shown that 75% of the human population cannot understand sentences that are longer than 9 words. This means that 3 out of 4 people cannot understand what you are trying to say, if you write your sentences to be longer than 9 words. Therefore, to improve understanding, you should limit your sentences to 9 words or less. The lesser the words you have in your sentences, the better the likelihood you are going to improve reader’s understanding and also make your article much more tidy.

Make paragraphs

Paragraphs are important. What I mean here is not the usage of paragraph in the conventional method. Conventional use of paragraph is to separate a whole chunk of words into separate sections for easier reading. They do not necessary have to represent separate ideas. My suggested use of paragraph is to make a separate paragraph whenever the ideas have changed. If the central idea of a sentence changed, switch to a completely new paragraph even though the idea may be too short to warrant a paragraph in the conventional methods.

Use simple words

Do not use jargons or a word that is difficult to understand or words that is rarely used. You will not impress your readers if you use these words, instead you will likely to be annoying them. Try to use simple words that are easy to understand. The fact is that people do not like to think, therefore you must make sure that they can understand your meaning without thinking too much, they will grateful to you.

Use pictures or illustration

Everybody likes pictures. They like to see and take a look at something solid and vivid so that they can grab the whole abstract idea of the article. Besides, use of pictures will make your article more interesting and vibrant. Therefore, if you want to improve your writing, definitely go for a picture or two.


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