Why The Health Bill Is Being Objected To

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The situation in the White House has forced many people, like myself, who usually think that politics as usual is going on and we have nothing to say about them, come out of the background.  Politics as usual is not going on in the White House or in Congress.

If politics as usual were going on, some characters who are employing shake downs like Nancy Pelosi would be facing federal indictment.  If lobbyists were threatening legislators to pass their bill or give up any chance of getting funds that are due them, they would be indicted, charged and jailed. 

The Health Bil is a re worked Hillary Clinton bill that was dumped 15 years ago.  They have added language and intimidation that will force most qualified doctors to head for Europe to practice.  The assembly line of human bodies will be stripped of identity and the precious care that we have come to expect will be a memory of the past. 

Aside from the atrocities of the Health Bill whose misnomer is as absurd as a beggar asking us “Do You Want Some”, the really frightening scenario is the lack of protection by the federal agents who are supposedly looking after extortionists in high offices. To be overtly letting federal agents know that legislators are being threatened with their offices, the funds due to their districts and sometimes with their reputations and facing no charges means that we no longer have a federal agency that is not being manipulated by extortionists.  Extortionists in high offices were usually taken out in the full house.  I suggest an open hearing on Nancy Pelosi. 


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