Celebrate April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day on April 1st

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April Fool’s Day is also called, All fool’s Day and it comes around every year on April 1st.  It is a day where the best of the practical jokers bring out their whoopee cushions and handshake buzzers amongst other tricks they have up their sleeves.  My husband used to love tricking our children when they were young with phrases like, “The cat just had her kittens in the garage!”  or other such things.  No matter how hard the kids tried to stay a step ahead of Daddy, expecting and suspecting anything and everything, they somehow always fell for his tricks hook, line, and sinker.  They would try hard to find some way to trick him back, like not putting sugar in his Kool-Aid, or faking an ouchy.  Daddy never fell for it.  It was always so fun to look forward to my hubby and kids’ taking this day to a new level every year. Now they are grown and past all that.  You kids might like a joke or trick on this day. Our home was always sensible and didn’t do anything humiliating, just fun and funny!  The lottery ticket prank is a popular one right now, but you might find someone living under a rock to pull it on.

You can learn more about Practical Jokes and April Fool’s Day on Wikipedia at these links:



There are websites that help you with all kinds of ideas to pull on your family and friends like:



For your vast practical jokes, gags, and pranks needs purchases, here is a great website that has it all:


Buy these fun books I saw on Wikipedia at a book store to use every year if you are a serious practical joker:

 If you aren’t a practical joker, do some practical things to celebrate the day.  Here are some ideas:

 Rent the movies, “April Fool’s Day” a 1986 comedy/thriller; or “Dirty Work” a 1998 comedy directed by actor/comedian, Bob Saget; or the 1990 action/comedy called, “Men at Work” starring Emilo Estevez and his brother Charlie Sheen.

 Go to your Library and learn about the history of April Fool’s Day and how it all started and read up about some famous practical jokers and comedians.

For some laughs, buy this book about practical jokes done on famous people. For more info go to:


 Make a day of it at work and have a pot luck or carry-in.  Have everyone share some practical joke stories from yesteryear that were great.

 Use fabric paints on a new T-shirt and make a “Happy April Fool’s Day” shirt. Make the back side of your shirt say, “Pranks Very Much.”

 See if your boss will let you have a dress down jeans-wearing day and wear your new shirt, of course.  Ask ahead of time, of course.

 If you are looking for a comedian/practical jokester-prankster to speak to your group, try the “comic with a cause,” Tom Mabe. I read about him in the April 2010 issue of Reader’s Digest (starts on page 100). You can check out his website at:


This day is dedicated to laughter and making people laugh for a saner humanity.  Have fun!

 Be sure to check out my many other articles in on celebrating different holidays!

 TIPS:  Don’t go too far and hurt people’s feelings.  Some people get carried away. Be sensitive!


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