What Does the Nine of Pentacles Mean in a Tarot Reading

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The nine of Pentacles suggests a growing sense of financial security. This is an excellent card to turn up after times of struggle or strife.

Because it tells the querent quite plainly that the bad times are almost over. They’ll soon be able to enjoy themselves without having to constantly think about the cost.

Symbolism in the Nine of Pentacles ~

On this card is a sultry-looking lady in purple with a necklace of pentacles who carries a falcon in her gloved hand. What is suggested by this is a person who does not lack for material comforts.

There is enjoyment of life’s pleasures and the person for whom this card has been chosen will be happy in their own company. There is also a spiritual message in this card for it indicates the mystic arts and all links with spirituality. But, on a more material level, the nine of pentacles confirms success in all financial dealings and it also gives a suggestion of money which may come through an inheritance.

Predictions in the Nine of Pentacles ~

It could be that their material circumstances are about to change for the better for the person for whom this card has appeared in a spread. This could be due to a job change, a change of residence or simply because they’re planning to introduce some improvements into one or either of these areas.

A gift, or some money is possible. But they must not become frustrated if there are any delays.

Advice in the Nine of Pentacles ~

The querent might feel a little guilty because they’re in the mood to give themselves a little treat but why? There is every chance they deserve it, so why shouldn’t they go right ahead and indulge themselves? This card tells them that a little of what they fancy does them good.

There is some hint, in this spread, of financial security. Also, even if they haven’t thought about it at all, some form of further education or training may be just what they need to give them a change and to further their future prospects.

Associations with the Nine of Pentacles ~

What else does the nine of pentacles have to say? Well basically it’s a card of good fortune. Both material and financial matters benefit. Rewards could come the querent’s way. Gain comes either through their own effort or even a small legacy.

This card also suggests that it is a good time to buy items for their home and family as this is an area which will also benefit through their good fortune.


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