Effective, proven methods to market your E-Bay Business

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      When you begin to think about development of a E-Bay business marketing plan, think about the following questions:

 ▪  Who are your target customers?  Do you know what your target customer spendable income is?

▪   What products do your plan to sell?  What problems does your product lines solve for your customers?

▪   What is the hot market in E-Bay and on the internet?

▪   Why would a buyer purchase a product from you versus your competition?

▪   Do you know who is your competition on E-Bay?  Know and understand E-Bay power sellers.

▪   What will be the most cost effective means of communicating your E-Bay auctions to your customers?

▪   How will I be able to keep my current customers satisfied and grow my new customer base?

 If you are looking to get the most bang for your marketing buck start by filling out your E-Bay “about me” page.  The marketing cost to you is $0.00 other than the effort behind having a well thought out and filled out “about me” page. Your “about me page” can be can be the marketing starting point for your E-Bay business.

Inform your family, friends, colleagues, local chamber of commerce, business network groups both locally and on line.  Let everyone you know that what you are doing and what your area of expertise and authoritative knowledge level is.  Consider this as a way to make a personal introduction about yourself to the world.

 Cross marketing yourself on line includes putting your E-Bay URL address on your current blog, Face book, Linked In accounts,  For example a typical E-Bay URL address would be the following @=>http://members.Ebay.com/aboutme/A1FrugalityAdvice (Your username here).

 Utilize your EBay URL address in you e-mail signatures, in any comments that you make which are relevant to your niche market.  Use your E-Bay signature line in when you also post comments on other blogger’s articles, web sites, discussion groups.

Take full advantage of the online social network sites such as http://www.Linkedin.com, http://www.Facebook.com, http://www.Twitter.com/FrugalityAdvice. You can post your E-Bay auction on those sites.  You will be able to gain addition traffic from those social network sites to your auction.

 You can also take advantage of E-Bay’s affiliate link partner programs.  For example sites such as Elance.com, Half.com, and Paypal.com referral programs.  Make sure that your E-Bay’s URL about me address is linked to your blog’s and web sites. You can make referral commissions  by signing up with E-Bay’s affiliate link partner programs, and you can gain additional traffic to your E-Bay auction.

 When a potential customer visits your E-Bay about me page offer a special discount with a tracking code. You can say “Free shipping”, or offer 15% off final bid price. Either you can choose to cross promote auction items or you can allow E-Bay to select your cross promotion items.

 Other marketing tools include offering your buyers who spend say $100, a gift certificate for family and friends.  You can tie your sales and gift certificates to birthday’s, holiday’s,  the seasonal sales, such as Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

When you ship your product include not only your invoice, but also your business card, a brief thank you note for doing business with you. Don’t be afraid to ask your buyer for Feedback rating after the transaction is completed.  Also ask if there is any thing else that you can do for your buyer?  Don’t forget to ask for referral business.

 You should think about attending local trade shows that are relevant to your market niche.  There are two types of trade shows consumer trade shows and business to business trade shows.

 Make sure that you bring plenty of business cards, brochures, promotional give a ways, bring gift certificates and trade show specials include a tracking code.  Give a free gift certificate in exchange for signing a E-mail address. Include a brief privacy policy statement on your e-mail sign up sheet.

Gather up as main business cards from venders and trade show customers, and follow up with those customers who provided you with those business cards and e-mails.  This is a great way for you to gain additional customers and sales.

 This informative relevant article about how to market your E-Bay business has address many common questions that new and current E-Bay sellers have.  Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions if you think there are marketing areas that you want to address. Feel free to read all my articles on my blog @=> http://BCodyFrugalityAdvice.blogspot.com.   Feel free to follow me on twitter@=> http://www.Twitter.com/FrugalityAdvice


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