What Does the Eight of Swords Tarot Card Mean?

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When the eight of swords appears in a tarot spread it is often when bonds are being severed and links of the past are broken.
Even so, a firm and solid relationship is unlikely to be the issue. For the Eight of Swords usually signifies the ending of an unfortunate period when someone may have felt in some way tied or restricted.

Symbolism in the Eight of Swords ~

Circumstances represented by the eight of swords will help the person for whom the card has appeared, to break with areas that caused them pain, suffering or anguish in the past, so that the way lies open for them to start anew. They are at the end of a period of struggles and problems. A few more difficulties may be in store but they will be prepared to tackle them and once they do, they should be able to look forward to a brighter path ahead.

Predictions in the Eight of Swords ~

It could be that the querent has just received some bad news, but they should try to accept this as having meant to be. For if this is what it takes to give them a new lease of life, sometimes what seems to be difficult circumstances can be blessings in disguise. Whatever is happening at the moment, there is no doubt that it is necessary according to this card. For it presents them also, with the chance to move on to newer and better pastures. Needless to say, they won’t want to miss such a good opportunity. There is something or someone in their life who is making they feel restricted or restrained. It could be their parents, an older relative or another superior. Even a specific situation. There might be a strong feeling of being trapped and unable to free themselves from some form of bondage when this card appears in a spread. And the eight of swords suggests that it’s time to come to terms with the situation.

Advice in the Eight of Swords ~

It could be they aren’t anyway as limited or as alone as they’re feeling. Worry only wastes energy. The person for whom this card has appeared, should look at the situation from a fresh angle or discuss their worries with someone they can trust. They might then discover that there are ways to overcome their problems. Perhaps they’ll be receiving news by post or a telephone call which isn’t as wonderful as they’d like. Indeed, they might wish they hadn’t been informed of this particular situation. And certainly, they’ll feel they can’t really do very much to help. What’s necessary, according to this card, is to wait and see how things go before making any suggestions. Again they might feel limited in what they can do.

This is not a time to fuss over petty details. To do so means they’ll not see the wood from the trees. It could also be they are wasting too much of their energy on small, important matters. A fresh outlook might be just what’s needed to help things along.


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