What Does the Eight of Wands Tarot Card Mean?

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The eight of wands is a card of good fortune although it also highlights the end of a phase in life which may not have been particularly beneficial.

With endings come beginnings and this card represents the start of a new and more exciting time.

Symbolism in the Eight of Wands ~

The Wands in the tarot are usually very positive cards, relating to either career, business aims, new ventures or new ideas. Travel is a strong possibility when this card appears. Or news perhaps from a foreign country.

Predictions in the Eight of Wands ~

There is a lot going on at the moment, in the life of the person for whom this card has appeared. There will be times when they feel confused and rushed off their feet. Messages to and from others seem important. The eight of wands suggests the person for whom the card has been chosen will soon be expanding their horizons, either through travel or through study or further training. If they are a student, then this is a very important time for their studies.

Perhaps they have to make sacrifices in other areas, but it will be worth it in the long-run. If they are working towards examinations, they must not neglect their work as the overall consequences could take them onto bigger and better things. This card suggests a link with property or with an unexpected job offer. The new beginnings that are about to come their way are likely to be instigated by a long-distance phone call.

Relationships and the Eight of Wands ~

If the querent is single, there is the chance that a new relationship is just beginning, or is about to begin. They will feel strongly emotional about this partner. But if they are already attached, then the cards suggest that any uncertainties about their romantic feelings not being returned will soon be dispelled. News coming their way will help they see their relationship in a different light.

Advice in the Eight of Wands ~

If there are opportunities ahead, then the querent should think carefully before making any new moves. In other words: don’t leap before looking! New responsibilities are likely and promotion or a better-paid job could be on its way, but this will come through careful planning and not through luck. If this card does relate to travel, then it is likely that they will be meeting new people and forming new friendships. Whilst if they’re single and looking for love, then it’s possible that travel will be in some way linked with romance.


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