Playing Italian Blind Poker

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In most Italian households the children grow up with various card games like Scopa, Briscola, Scala Quaranta, Scala Reale and Re, but let’s not forget Poker. Italians play a form of poker called Blind Poker and below is a brief explanation of the rules of the game.

Set the minimum stake that will be played for the game. This is the amount that each player will be required to put into the middle before they receive the second round of cards.

The player directly to the left of the dealer is designated “blind” and will put the stake into the kitty whether he plays or not, and gives the privilege of betting last.

After the ‘blind’ has put his money in the person to the left can double the stake before receiving cards, making them the ‘over blind’ and last better, and this will raise the eventual stake to that level. The original ‘blind’ can then cover the raised stake so that they also can raise the stake before the second round of cards is dealt. Technically each person playing can double the stake in turn before the cards are dealt.

The role of dealer rotates in a clockwise fashion for each hand and after all the ‘blind’ betting and stake raising is finished, five cards are dealt face down to begin with.

Each player decides whether they will play the hand and throws out the discards, and puts the stake amount into the kitty. Remember the amount that must be put in is what it was finally raised to before the hand was dealt. E.G. If the original ‘blind’ was $1 and the ‘over blind’ raised it to $2, then everyone must put in $2 before the second round of cards are dealt.

At this point before the cards are dealt again, after everyone has put in their stake, the ‘over blind’ or the ‘blind’ if he covered the raise, can double the stake again, and everyone must double their stake to receive cards.

The second round is now dealt and everyone will have 5 cards. And they will be able to decide whether they are going to continue with the hand. The ‘blind’ is the last person to bet unless there is an ‘over blind’ so the betting starts from the person to the left of the ‘over blind’ or ‘blind’.

Here the betting proceeds like any other poker game with players betting and raising, or passing, or folding. The winner of the hand is the last person left in when all fold or the player with the highest hand.


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