How to Fix a Flat Tire

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Step 1: If you’re driving and get a flat-tire, stay calm and proceed to pull over to a safe, LEVEL, area where you can change your tire.

*Don’t drive too long on a flat, it can quickly ruin the rim of your tire.

Step 2: Turn off the engine, put car in park (in gear for standard) and put on the Emergency Parking brake and hazard lights to help assure no movement and awareness to other drivers.

Step 3: Locate your spare tire, tire iron, and car jack. Most cars have these located in a compartment in the trunk below the carpeting, while most SUV’s and trucks have their spare tires located underneath and require you to lower them to the ground to remove.

*Trucks and SUVs have full-size spare tires, requiring more space as pictured above…

Step 4: Loosen your Lugnuts (but don’t remove) while the car is still on the ground. After loosening these place your car jack on the framing of your car or the Jack Pins located on most trucks/SUVs. Jack up the vehicle.

*Loosening on the ground keeps the cars pressure on the road and doesn’t allow it to shake or wobble on the jack when initially loosening the lugnuts as they can be extremely tight.

Step 5: Remove all the lug nuts and then remove your flat tire from the car, be sure that your car is jacked up enough for a fully inflated tire to be put back on, not just a flat one to be taken off.

*If tire will not move off car, first use your open palm and give a fair hit to the top of the tire, if still stuck use your foot (lightly), it will loosen.

Step 6: Replace with spare tire, lining up all bolts, and put your lug nuts back on, tighten until the tire is take with the break pads and lower your jack.

Step7: After removing your jack, again tighten your lug nuts to ensure they are secure, tightening the opposite lug after each time until they are as tight as possible.

*You’re Finished, place your damaged tire in your trunk along with your jack and tire iron, clean up your hands and drive away.


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