Program on several applications with Titanium

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Appcelerator, company based in Mountain View, announced a few days ago the first version of its called Titanium development environment. It allows developers to create applications that work as well with the traditional operating systems with some mobile phones.

Web technologies in native applications to create applications with Titanium, simple knowledge in web development are required. Indeed, several technologies are available to developers including HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as the Ruby, the Python and PHP for the desktop version. In addition, nearly 300 bricks are available basic and are adaptable at depending on the type of application. For example, it is possible to find GUI including dashboards, tabs, menus, etc., as well as modular features such as cartography, play video and other services.

Once the application is coded, Titanium does make it compatible with multiple OS (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) as well as with mobile phones running Android or iPhone OS and other gadgets. For this, Titanium uses a translator converts binary, objective-C or Java web code depending on the target platform. Being rendered native applications, they may functionality of terminals, i.e. take advantage of a camera, access internal memory, etc.

Image user schema code translation can divide this step into four main sections: * files the application determine the logic and UI, * APIs have access to native features of the device and other modular features, * web code is converted into machine code * Finally, this code is optimized for each operating system.

Towards cross-platform applications?

User picture more and more companies have felt the need to clear the boundary between the different systems of holdings, at least those of mobile, as was the case for the Wholesale Applications Community presented a few weeks ago.
What makes the difference between Titanium and other RIA is its character open source and its full free version Titanium Community. Nevertheless, Appcelerator offers a professional version for $ 199 per month, which will allow, inter alia, enjoy assistance within 48 hours as well as access to any betas.
Please note that the integration of new pulp-forms as the iPad and BlackBerry is planned before the end of the month.

Can therefore expect a massive arrival of cross-platform applications in the coming months, but it remains to be seen if developers will be many to develop pandering to new standards.


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