2010 Easter songs for kids: Words and video for Here Comes Peter Cottontail

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Easter 2010 is on it’s way. When people think of Easter songs the first one usually is “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”, which is a great song to play while the kids are hunting for Easter eggs, but there are so many more great Easter songs that people probably don’t realize.

Growing up in my family we always had songs playing while we were coloring eggs, decorating the house, and one good song before we went to sleep, which was “Some Bunny Loves You” or In Your Easter Bonnet”.

Easter songs come in all varieties. You have Christian, Hyms, Fingerplay, and even Worship. If you are a parent looking for the words for Here Comes Peter Cottontail, you can find them here. For those parents interested in the video that can be find here. Now lets move along to some good Easter music that will get the whole family hopping and singing along to.

Easter Parade by Rosemary Clooney, Buddy Cole

Christ Is Risen

Alive Again

Above All by Michael W. Smith

My Choc’late Rabbit by Rosemary Clooney

Funny Little Bunny by Gene Autry

Flop, Mop, Cotton, and Pete by Art Carney

Rabbit Doesn’t Have a Tail At All sung to London Bridge

Easter Bunny Hippity Hop sung to Pop Goes The Weasel

Easter Eggs sung to Jingle Bells

Easter Song by Keith Green

Then for a added bonus I found a website that has 12 Easter songs that have great beat, and are very cute for kids. The songs included are Eggbert, The Easter Egg, Bunny Hop, Easter Parade 2, He Is Risen, He Lives, Here Comes Peter Cottontail,and more. Those tracks can be found here.

For people who are talented and came rhyme somewhat, try to make up your own Easter song by using songs from other holidays and adding the words bunny, hop, Easter, duck, Easter Egg hunt, or maybe use a nursery rhyme like “Old McDonald” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Here is a short and quick song I just made up.

The Easter bunny goes hop, hop, hop

The ears go flippy flop

Easter bunny starts to jump, jump, jump

Bunny fell down the trail and went thump, thump, on a bump.

It’s all about choosing the rights words and symbols that fit the Easter theme. Do you research ahead of time, this way you have all the songs for your kids all set up and ready to go.


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