Bachelorette Season 6 Ali: Spoilers, and possible guys

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With The Bachelorette 6 already filming, fans are trying to figure out how many guys will Ali have? And what do the guys look like? According to numerous websites online Ali demanded 50 guys. Ali also told the producer of the Bachelorette she would not become the season 6 Bachelorette unless her wish is granted. unless there is 50. Could they really give Ali 50, and not 25 or 30? I guess anything is possible when it comes to reality television.

We all know Ali quit her job over at Facebook to do the show, therefore maybe Ali will get her dream. On May 24, 2010 Season 6 of the Bachelorette will premiere.

Knowing I am a huge fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette I started doing some digging on some potential guys and season 6 spoilers. Who could possibly be on the Bachelorette show in May. This was not easy at all, but I did found 3 guys, who have a 90% chance on being on the show to fight for Ali’s love.

First guy I found was Kasey Kahl. Here you have a blonde haired model looking man who SO resembles Jake Pavelka in some way. His piercing blue eyes are breathtaking. He is from California. According to my sources Kasey is 26 years old, and looks rather tall.

Second guy is Tyler Morrow 25 years old from Texas. He has piercing eyes, beautiful smile, and a good looking scruff on his face.

The last guy I found was Ryan Picou. Matt works for the Dallas Cowboys, and reminds me of Reed from Jillian’s season. I don’t know too much about him, but he looks  quite handsome.

Ali’s other possibilities could be a firefighter, weather man, model, and gay guy. Yup, you heard right this might be part of the Bachelorette storyline to gain more viewers and publicity. Ali has her hands full here. So many good looking men to choose from, who will Ali pick on the Bachelorette season 6? Only time will tell. I figured if Reality Steve can do some digging, then heck I am going to do my digging to see what I can come up with.

Oh and I hope some of the taping will done in New York, that would be pretty cool. New York has some amazing sites to visit.

Tune in for some more Bachelorette season 6 spoilers as they come my way. I hope I can be of help to some fans.


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