2 Reasons Why Keyword Research is Not The Best Way To Research And Find A Profitable Niche

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Finding a Profitable Niche requires an extensive research of the market. Finding a Niche that is profitable, is the most important part of your online business. After all, how can you run a successful business and make money, if there is no need in the market for what you are offering. That is why a thorough research of the market is essential to your success. Unfortunately, when it comes to Market Research and finding a Profitable Niche, many aspiring entrepreneurs are misled on how to conduct market research properly, to uncover a profitable niche.

Many people think of keyword tool and database as the best place to start the niche finding process. The truth is, its not the correct way to find a profitable niche at all. The simple reason for that, is the fact that the general public, have access to a limited amount of data. The data available for general public to view, counts for less than 3 % of the actual searches performed by internet users.

Another point to keep in mind, is that a keyword research only shows keyword phrases and terms people use when they search for whatever it is that they are looking for. It does not show you what people actually buy on the internet. I searched the internet for a 52 inch LG TV, but while i was surfing and searching, i came across a 52 inch Panasonic TV, and i liked it better, so i bought that instead of my initial searched item. Your keyword research is not going to show you that. It can only show you what i have searched for, not what i have actually bought. You see the point!

When trying to find a profitable niche, you should always focus on finding evidence that proves there is a market out there for the product you want to sell, that there indeed is a hungry crowed out there, waiting to buy such a product. Again, no matter how great of a product you have, without a market full of buyers, it wont matter. You will not make any money off of it. Knowing the number of times people have searched for a specific product, is no prove for a profitable niche.

The correct way to research and find a profitable niche is not through keyword tools and database, its through researching the places where people buy such a product. The correct way to research and find a profitable niche, is through the market place.

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