Holding on to light

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Dark shadows fire with anticipation to loom above and behind any area to cast a deeper meaning to contrast. In this sheltered existence of the shadow, thoughts are unspoken intentions are revealed subtly, sometimes insecurely, yet with great intention. A hand brushes a hand, a book is picked up and placed down without the host of the shadow knowing so-that the shadow still yearns to read.  Where in light there is darkness where there is darkness there must be light. There must be… If there is no light than there is no reason, only chaos, only confusion and shadows, yet the shadows would not even cast a thought for without light shadows could not live. In time we all fall to the way of the shadow…yet light can lead us and enlighten us to impressionable standing.

Folding up her toddlers clothes freshly drawn from the dryer she lay them in her dresser drawers in the exact drawer they are suppose to be in. Whether they stay there or not, she has good intention.. Knowing little Marie, there will be clothes sorted on the floor soon enough, without the home they were intended for.  Some will be packed in, or shoved in drawers with sweaters in the underwear drawer, and socks in the pants, this is typical and expected. Yet Donna still assembles the clothing the way it’s meant to be, in hopes that soon her diligence will pay off, and little Marie will pick up the form.

Little Marie plays with blocks beside her mother trying to whistle but unable to whistle a tune. Donna parts Marie’s  golden blond hair fondling the soft  felt of her hair, like angles wings dancing on the highlights of butterflies. “Beautiful “she thinks, “just beautiful”. “Mama?” says Marie” you like ice cream?”Donna giggles and says”Well, yes I do on occasion, why what are you thinking?” Donna gives a contagious grin and it spreads all over Maries face. “Well” Marie says,” Can we have some of the yummy i cream, in the figrator” Marie says with her broken English.

Marie being the third child has that ability to bend Donna’s ear just a little, with Donna unable to have anymore children according to the doctor. There is something about the baby, that even at three years old you want to cherish, every minute, every moment and be fully engaged. It’s 10 am and Marie wants ice cream. Well there isn’t a better time, since it takes six hours for sugar to get out of your system, why not serve ice cream two hours after breakfast and an hour and a half to two hours before lunch? Seems rational enough. Some people may disagree, but what’s new, Donna seems to attract the disagreeable, and people who presume the better judgment, priding themselves on their well documented  knowledge. She just smiles and brushes her teeth. That is when she spits out their pre judgmental thoughts, know how’s,  and gets on with life, her way.. .

“So you want ice cream ay?” Donna says to Marie, with a sly smile of anticipation, “Lets do it!” says Donna. Marie was all for it scrambling to get to her feet, so cute in her pink and yellow print coaster shoes. Yellow socks and over alls and that beautiful shoulder length hair, curls at the bottom, when running or skipping trapes around her shoulders in a magnificent choir. What is she, like three feet tall, too cute! Donna thinks as she places the last of the freshly laundered clothing into the drawers. Gets up and fallows her child into the kitchen.


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