Paint Your Wood Bedroom Furniture And Save Money

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This procedure should be used on furniture that has not been painted before. Buy at least 2 colors of satin latex interior paint.  The first step is to lightly sand the wood in the direction of the grain.You may want to use a dust mask so you won’t inhale any of it. Next vacuum up all the dust and use a tack cloth to remove any dirt or loose particles .

The next step is to paint with a water based enamel primer. Make sure to allow ample drying between coats. Will take 2 or more coats for adequate coverage.  The second step is to paint a with one of the latex colors over the primer. Again follow directions for drying. Will require probably more than 2 coats too.

The next step is to draw a design lightly in pencil over the latex paint. Do a simple pattern like wheat grass or whatever you like. You may want to  practice this on a sheet of paper before you draw this directly on the furniture. Paint this design in a second latex color paint.Use a finer paint brush to apply strokes. If you make a mistake, you can always paint over it. After it dries, cover with a satin finish or polyurethane varnish. The end result will surprise you in that you won’t recognize your furniture anymore.

Just by painting your wood bedroom furniture, you will save money and have a dresser, night stands, headboard and chest of drawers that will look fantastic and new with its own original handpainted design.


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