Blogging Guide 101: How To Start a Blog?

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Blogging Guide 101: What is a Blog?

As I have said in my previous article about what is a blog, a Blog is a type of website or publishing tool that lets a certain person writes different kinds of web entries under a variety of interests.

In order to create and start a blog, an aspiring blogger needs a blog host or a publishing tool. The blog host allows the blogger to write and publish his/her works online. WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular publishing tools used by most of the bloggers online.

Once you have chosen your publishing tool, you are now on your way to building your very first blog.

There a some important factors that a starting blogger should always keep in mind. These important factors are:

  • What is the blog all about? Bloggers should keep in mind that a blog’s content should be specific of purpose and interest. Do you want a personal blog? A corporate blog? A media blog? It depends upon your chosen area of interest.
  • Who are your target readers? A blogger should always keep in mind that It is the blog readers who “keeps the blog alive”. Knowing your type of audience will help your blog survive and last for a long time. Is your blog for kids? for teens? for adults? or for the general public? Is your blog for fanatics? for bussiness seekers? for literature lovers? Knowing your type of audience will help you narrow down the road to where you will particularly promote your blog.
  • How do you plan to promote your blog? Let’s admit the fact that a blog will most likely succeed when it gets more readers and subsribers. One way of achieving that is by advertising. Promoting your blog in blog communities will help a lot. Also, it is a great advantage if your blog can easily be found by search engines. Knowing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques will be a great help.

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