Smile an Ever Lasting Smile

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Smiles, they come and they go but still, after you smile there is still something that lingers, something deep, something that is unexplainable. When you smile, this signifies that you are happy and it puts everyone else around you in a better mood. If you don’t believe me, then you should try it some day.  I couldn’t imagine life without those simple smiles we get each day.  Smiling and yawning just happen to be two of the most contagious things to be found in this world. While it is easy to yawn, it is something that happens as soon as we are born…that an in long meetings, free advices, uninteresting conversations and meaningless lessons. But to smile…to smile is an art, a power, a skill, a precious jewel and one of the most beautiful things ever to be found. Wearing a happy smile can draw people to you and make the others at ease. Smiles, they seal a deal, cheer you up and get you a date. Now, lets talk more about those infectious smiles that you should have.

Oh my, we’re not talking about actual infections, we’re talking about infectious smiles. With that said, I tell you to practice good hygiene. Regularly brushing your teeth and make sure your breath is fresh will lead to an ever lasting smile…a good smile indeed is a clean smile.

Make yourself comfortable when it comes to smiling. There are many people who don’t think they have a great smile or they think smiling makes them look unprofessional or maybe even vulnerable. Sure, the smile will show a bit of vulnerability, but that is one of the main reasons as to why a smile is so powerful. No matter how intelligent, how professional or how in control you are, smile and you will receive a smile back.

The key to that ever lasting smile would be for you to think happy thoughts and be happy. Whatever makes you happy, just think about it. This could be someone you care about, your family, your children, your pet, whatever it is that makes you happy – think about it.

Smile is the best type of make up you will ever be able to put on.

A smile is free, you should use it.


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