Getting Through Depression

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Paying attention to the economy and the news today, I find that many people are becoming more and more depressed than ever before. There is no denying that depression strikes many individuals and sadly, some of those individuals are not able to over come depression. If we could just stop depression, even if it were one person at a time, we might have a happy world, but until that day, we are going to find many people hanging their head down because they are depressed. Many people do not even know they are depressed when they are depressed. Do you have feelings of hopelessness? Fatigue? Energyless? Don’t care about things you once cared about? Find it hard to sleep? Sleep too much? Irritable? If you have any of these symptoms, then I recommend you continue reading this article.

When you feel down, you are going to have some negative thoughts. If this is the case, then you may want to turn to a health professional and get a doctor to diagnose you. If you have a baby or your wife has recently had a baby, then they could be dealing with post-partum depression. If you have lost a job or you have recently moved to town, then you may be feeling some sadness. You should tell your doctor everything – never lie to your doctor. Lying to your doctor will not lead to anything.

Take your doctors advice and listen to it. If you don’t think you agree with your doctor, then feel free to get a second opinion and even a third opinion until you realize the doctor is right. You can speak with a counselor to get help with the depression you are going through.

If you have medication for your depression prescribed to you, then don’t stop taking it just because you feel normal or you feel better or even feel nothing – again, don’t stop taking the medication unless the doctor orders you.

When you have medication, you should take the medication at the same time each day, everyday and don’t forget to do so. You should make this routine so that your body gets used to it.

I recommend you keeping a journal and writing down all of your thoughts and feelings. If you feel sad, then write about that and write about why you are feeling sad. If you are having negative thoughts, then write about those negative thoughts. Feel free to write about your feelings and what is in your mind. Be proud of yourself for not hiding behind your illness. Yes, depression is labeled as an illness.


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