Payment Processors

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What is Paypal?

It is an online payment processor. In other words it is the middleman for buying and paying stuffs online. Applying in Paypal only needs a valid email address. But your transaction would be very limited depending on your currency or location (in my case it is $500). So to lift the limit it is advisable to have your account verified by linking it to your credit card or bank account. I recommend you to make the Personal account if you are just going to buy stuffs and withdraw and Premier account if you’ll be going to buy and sell. That’s it. Go to Paypal (link below) You can now have an account in Paypal and start shopping online, earn money and a whole lot more! For more information on how to verify your account in Paypal just click here.

What is Alertpay?

It is also very much the same as Paypal and it is recommended just for withdrawing your earnings and not for online shopping because of the lack of support or popularity of it for the e-commerce that is why it why for me it is an alternative for withdrawing money because of the low fees compared to other payment processors which are not so low. It is also free to join and you only need a valid email address. For more information about having you account verified in Alertpay just click here.

So what are you waiting for? Use these services and enjoy the convenience and technology.


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