Final Fantasy XIII Boss Guide- Taejin’s Tower: Dahaka

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Despite only being half the fal’cie he was before, Dahaka is still an impressive opponent. The good news is that this boss is only resistant to physical attacks- the bad news is that he has no elemental weaknesses (at first), but also Dahaka is vulnerable to debuffs like slow and imperil.

Start off in your favoured buffing paradigm and get your usual buffs up. Dahaka mainly attacks with magic, so try to use shell if you can. The boss also has a physical attack, but it’s not a big worry. Slow will give you some room to move, as will casting haste too! Dahaka doesn’t attack often, but tends to hit hard when it does.

The boss has quite a bit of HP, but is easy to stagger, so once the buffs and debuffs are up, switch to relentless assault and let fly. Be sure to take full advantage when Dahaka staggers, as it does not remain vulnerable for long! Be on your most offensive paradigm- it can’t fight back while it is on the floor.

Dahaka has a few ‘super attacks’ it will execute, normally when near staggering. One is an AOE versus the whole party (does about 50% damage to everyone), the other is a single target attack doing about 70% damage and inflicting some status effects. You get plenty of warning though, so just switch to a defensive paradigm to absorb the hurt, then to a healing offensive paradigm (like diversity) to strike back while you heal up. Use combat clinic of protection (two of the most defensive paradigms in final fantasy XIII), if you’re really hurting- just in case there is a follow up attack.

There is one attack that is cause for concern, and it inflicts a pile of negative status effects- go on the defensive and dispel them with ensuna, and then return to the offensive. Keep your HP above about 75-80% at all times.

After using one of these Attacks, Dahaka will gain a new set of elemental strengths and weaknesses- use them to inflict maximum damage, or just avoid healing him- just like the aster protoflorian. Elemental properties of Dahaka’s attacks will also change, so use Bar spells to reduce incoming damage.

Just stay on your toes, keep your health up, re apply buffs as needed and switch to defensive paradigms when you are about to receive a big attack. Keep this up and Dahaka should fall in no time.

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