Reviewing Washington State U.S. Senatorial Candidate Paul Akers

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It’s time to review another Candidate running to be elected for the 51st Washington State U.S. Senatorial Seat. His name is Mr. Paul Akers from Bellingham, WA. So far his slogan is; “Not a Politician!”

First some Facts and Info about the Candidate, then some opinions and thought provoking questions.


-Gun Rights & The Second Amendment

-Global Market Growth

-Small Government

-2 Year Max Term Limits for Senators and Representatives

-Reducing Spending and Bringing Up Quality in the Educational System

-Free Market

-Lower Business Taxes

-Loans For Those Who Can Afford to Pay Them Back (Less Risky Bank Business Practices)

-Import/Export to Stimulate Jobs

-Environmental Sensibility and Environmental Friendly Business Growth

-Capitalism & Entrepreneurism

-“Lean Thinking” in Health Care Reform and Medical Practices

-“Lean Thinking” in Government

-Strengthening Immigration Enforcement

-Less Government Involvement in Health Care


-Immigrant Amnesty

-Gay Marriage

Undecided/Middle of the Road:

-Abortion. He is Pro-Life, but does not suggest he is against abortion.

-Health Care. He doesn’t appear to be “For” the current reform being forced through congress, instead he suggests a different solution.

Unanswered/Not Available:
-Real ID/National ID’s?

-Ending the Drug War?

-Cannabis and/or Industrial Hemp?

-Local Market Growth?


-Nuclear Power?

-Green Oils?

Now that we have gone over the facts and information found on:!/pages/Paul-Akers-for-US-Senate/336631636412?v=wall&ref=ts

Let’s go over some thought provoking opinions!

So far the “Not a Politician” Politician rookie has done a pretty good job at standing out on some important issues to the people of America. He is pro Gun Rights, Pro Life, Pro Environment and Pro Free Market. He wants accountable and safe business and banking procedures and less government.

Yet Mr. Akers doesn’t say anything of his opinions or views of welfare, Government Transparency, Cannabis or ending the Drug War. All of which are very important topics to the majority of Americans, and are major issues in the state of Washington. These are subjects I hope our candidate answers as his campaign continues.

At first glace, I would suggest that Mr. Akers has a strong campaign, though seeing several posts of him having interviews with FOX NEWS, it makes me a bit weary of the Successful Business man who wants to run for our 51st Senatorial Seat. Fox News is a Rupert Murdoch production and isn’t exactly known for it’s “fair and balanced” news views, especially with Glenn Beck leading the Fox parade. It makes me wonder if they asked him to go on air, or if he paid for the time to advertise his campaign on a channel that most voters don’t have a taste for anymore….

For the most part, Paul Akers appears to be a strong citizen, with no political experience, who is running to try and help get America back to the place it belongs in. There are many questions he has not answered yet, which tells me I should reserve my full perspective of him until they are answered, but I do like to see more “home grown” candidates.

For now, I will keep my eye out for updates about his campaign, his views and other candidates running in Washington State and other states. Keep in touch for updates!


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