Finding Inspiration to Write

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Writing articles is one of my favorite past times. However, it is not only one of my favorite past times, it is also my job. Not only am I here writing eHow articles for myself, but I have many clients I write for. Writing for yourself can be hard, but writing for others on demand can be harder. So where do I find that inspiration I need in order to write excellent, top of the line articles? Whether it’s an eHow article, a Ebook, a SEO article, a PLR article or an informative article, you won’t be able to just sit down and put it on paper without giving it much thought. I have come up with a few tricks that I believe will help you and everyone else out.

First thing is first, when you are sitting down at your computer, you cannot sit there and force yourself to write. Forcing yourself will not allow your mind space to think. You have to get your mind away from everything else. That means turn the television off, turn the radio off and just look at your monitor. Don’t think too hard, because then it won’t come to you. You should be able to just let your mind flow freely.

If you are not writing on demand, but you are trying to write an article for this ever so popular site (, then you should get up, get a pen and paper and take a walk around you home or even your yard. Perhaps you see crafts you like to do or even food, video games or gardens. Write down everything you see that you like to do, then return back to your desk.

We all know the writers rule. When you are out and about, make sure you always have a composition notebook and a pen with you. This is because things tend to come to your mind at different times during the day. When you think of something interesting, just write it down. Chances are if you do not write it down, you are going to forget it later on in the day.

When you are writing for 9 hours a day, like I do, then during those hours, you should take your breaks. Every 4 hours, take a 15-30 minute break. During this break, do what you have to do – feel free to check your e-mail or surf the Internet. When your break is over, go back to writing.

When you have all you ideas down that you would like to write, then you turn on your computer and start typing away. The first sentence may seem hard for you, but if you are a natural writer like me, then you will be able to complete an article in 5-10 minutes. It really is that easy.

Once you are ready and want to make more money with your writing, turn to and find some clients to write for. They pay anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 per article – the money really does add up and before you know it you could be making a couple thousand a month.


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