The Symphony/Crying Magnolias

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The Symphony

For the sake of your smile,

would you care to let me hold you a while?

Listen! You can hear my heart sing of you and me,

like a symphony.

Look all around,

for the fall of my tears,

raining down,

down on the ground.

As my fingers roll the grand ole piano,

an infinate tune of my soul.

Let me feel for the sake of your beating heart,

a rhythm to start.

The drum beats to the rhythm of life.

The drum beats in my dreams at night.

I hear you caling deep within,

the sweet tunes of a violin.

With shadows dancing on the wall,

and candles burning,

raindrops fall.

The woodwinds sound the tunes of time.

Life’s scenes flashing through my mind.

To save my peace and happiness,

no tunes, no notes, just silent rest.

The music of heaven let it happen again.

The scent of jasmine from the wind.

One breathless moment my lover,

my friend.

To taste the sweat that falls from you,

and kiss you with the morning dew.

The beat of life the drum beats to,

the beat of love for me and you.

So do you dare to lay with me,

in shade from my magnolia tree,

and listen to the symphony?

Crying Magnolias

When my heart is caving in and I feel all alone,

I wake up in the morning so ar away from home.

When my soul is crying out and I feel like I’m lost,

I’ll hold my head up proud so I can pay the cost.

So life won’t pass me by I’ll live while I can,

Make the best of days gone by wish I could hold in my hands,

My magnolias cying in the rain.

Wish I could catch the drops that fall,

Instead I remain so far away from home.


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