Get A Well Earned Killing Spree on Halo 3

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Halo 3 is a very popular game that you can play on X box  live (X box 360). Many individuals have joined the gaming world of Halo and enjoy every bit of it. If you have been wanting to know how to get a killing spree on Halo 3, then this article is definitely for you. Continue reading my step by step instructions on how to get a well earned killing spree on Halo 3.

Getting a well earned killing spree on Halo 3 is not that rigid to do, as long as you know what you are doing. You will first need to stumble on that ever so popular gravity hammer. (push the RB button on your 360 controller). This gravity hammer will give you the option of having more than one killing spree of killing more than give people at one time.

Oh snipers, aren’t they pleasurable? Yes, they are fun if you are a sniper, but if you aren’t one and you are at the other end of that bullet, it isn’t so enjoyable. If you are looking for a killing spree, then the sniper rifle would  be the right way to go. With the sniper rifle, I predict you will be able to get up to twenty kills in a row.

opt for that energy sword.  This is going to give you a number of more kills. Push the B button on your controller, this will give you even more kills when you are behind the person you are trying to kill. B button gives you a quick swing, that’s one of the secrets.

From the selection of weapons, you may want to choose the shotgun. With the shotgun, we predict you could get up to thirty kills, which would be a great killing spree.

Don’t be so stipulating, find a place to conceal, sit down and wait for them.  When the enemy comes near them, go out of nowhere and start attacking them.

Take into consideration all of the different places to hide and remember to kill more than one enemy at one time when you are hiding.


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