The Health Benefits of Parsley

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Parsley is popular in American, European, and Middle Eastern dishes. Parsley has a mild flavor and it is used for it’s leaves. Curly leaf parsley is often sed as a garnishment. There is a flat leaf parsley, or Italian leaf parsley that is used in flavoring and seasoning dishes. Another type of parsley is of the root vegetable family called hamburg root parsley. Root parsley is common in European food. It is often used in soups and stews. It is often added to Italian Veal Stew. Parsley closely resembles parsnip. Parsnip is a close relative of the parsley family. It grows well when planted in deep pots. The roots of parsley grow deep. It requires at least 5 hours of sunlight a day. Parsley is known to protect other plants from pests. This is a perfect herb to plant in a garden because it draws pests away from the other plants.

Parsley has a fresh flavor and goes well with potato and rice dishes. In West Asia it is used in salads. It is also known for it’s medicinal uses. In China and Germany, parsley is used in tea as a remedy for high blood pressure. Parsley is used as a laxative, bladder control, itching, and bad breath. It is recommended that you do not use parsley in medicinal amounts if you are pregnant. Parsley contains oxalic acid which can lead to problems for people with kidney stones. Parsley is cosidered to be a diuretic. As with using any herb for medicinal benefits pleae consult a doctor or herbalist first.


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