Netbooks – Picking From The Best

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If you`re in the market for a new netbook then you might be wondering which ones are good and which ones to avoid. There are many to compare, as each computer company has a long list of netbooks available. If you are searching for only the ones that are the most popular, then here is a gathering of netbooks for your viewing.

The HP mini 110-1037NR is a 10.1“ anti-glare display and an Intel processor. It has 1GB of memory, 160 GB SATA hard disk and Windows XP Home (SP3) for your likening.

Gateway NV7802U Win 7 is a 17.3“ screen with windows 7 and an Intel processor as well. It has 4 GB of memory and Intel GMIT. It also has a 500GB hard disk.

Samsung N120 is a 10.1“ screen with a full size 12“ notebook designed keyboard and a large touch pad. It offers a light weight and slim design. The battery life is extra long with an entire 10.5 hours of usage.

Lenovo IdeaPad is a cheap and lightweight netbook. It is low powered for your basic computer needs. The unique look makes this perfect for anyone who wants a neat looking computer that does just some basic things. It offers a 10.2“ screen size.

MSI Wind U100 is another netbook worth mentioning. It has a large display and keyboard that many people love. It is popular for people who will be doing minimal computer using, because it is missing some key features. It has a low battery life and a small hard drive.

Asus Eee PC901, is a great version of a netbook and is very popular with many people, it is facing an increase in its competitors such as HP and DELL, who are starting to match the features and look. It is light in weight with a long battery life. The screen size is 10.1“ inch. You will get allot for the price.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9, offers consumers a four hour battery life and the option of a webcam, which is great for any conference calls you might have, it has a 1.6 Intel Atom CPU, and Windows XP, 7 or Linux operating system. It is accessible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has three USB ports, the only drawback is that this netbook has no specific keys for certain functions.

The Sony VAIO series lifestyle is an expensive netbook, but you get lots in the package. It has a full unique looking keyboard; it supports WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) and allows for broad band connecting which allows you to use 3G networking. It is very portable with its 1.33 Intel processor. It has home vista 0S and when you select one you can chose from a range of brilliant colors.

These netbooks are all designed for lightweight and portable computer accessing. They are designed for travel and for light computing in the home. Ideal for teenagers or anyone in school who might take their netbook to friends houses often.

They are usually cheaper than buying a full decked out laptop or computer for the home. And some come with the features you may need. If you are buying a netbook for a child you might be a lower end model with few features, this will give them the power to do the things that they want, without paying for extra programs and features that they won`t use.

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