How to digital scrapbook

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You might think that you need to be some sort of graphics wizard to know how to digital scrapbook. This is a great hobby because it really cuts down on the cost of regular scrapbooking. It’s a fantastic way to organize your pictures if you just aren’t the scrapbooking type. Plus, you won’t have all of the mess & million little pieces that usually comes along with scrapbooking.

Choose your software. Many people use photoshop to digital scrapbook. If you visit you can get basically the same software for free. However, you will have to convert every scrapbook piece to a gimp file.

Consider scrapbooking online. Check out scrapblog which is a free place to put together a scrapbook. They have premade layouts, but you can create your own by choosing between hundreds of backgrounds, frames & embellishments. They also offer a printing service if you want a hard copy of your book.

Watch out for freebies. There are several free sites that feature free digital scrapbooking embellishments. Some designers offer freebies as an incentive to get you to their site. Only certain packages will be free & even then it will only be for a limited amount of time. Some packages have restrictions about how you can use them & most don’t allow for commercial use.

Store your scrapbooks. You can have your digital scrapbook printed out for $1+ a page. They will usually organize them in an album, but these books either have to be paid for by the page or they come with twenty pages in them. If this seems expensive, try saving them online. Many online albums also have a widget where you can show them on your blog or even facebook.

Digital scrapbooking allows a lot more creativity than traditional scrapbooking because you don’t really have to worry about the cost.


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