Have Respect When in A Mosque

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In this day and age, many individuals have a passion for religion, architecture and culture. When visiting a mosque, you will find that this can be a reflective experience. If you are not familiar with the rules within a mosque, then you may end up going there and being disrespectful. I believe it is highly important that you learn how to behave in a mosque if you plan on visiting one. Within this article, I am going to pinpoint some simple tips you can use in order to make sure you are not disrespecting the etiquette rules.

  • Loose clothing
  • Veil, hood or headscarf for women

If you are not a Muslim and you still would like to have the experience of going in a mosque, then you should make sure you get permission. You will need to ask the Muslims who attend the mosque if you can enter. Keep in mind that women and men will be praying separately. It will either be at different times or in different locations in the same mosque.  When going in a mosque, you should look for separate entrances for females and males – keep in mind that not all mosques have those separate entrances.

When you are inside a mosque, you should be sure to wear the right type of clothing. Men are able to wear clothing that is ordinary, but it should be something that is loose. If you are going to go into a mosque on a Friday, then you should wear the best clothes you have and use some nice smelling perfume. If you are a female, then you should wear a cloak that is long and loose. In some of the more conservative mosques, you will find that women are wearing veils, but a headscarf is acceptable.

Make sure you perform the Wuzu. Males should perform the ceremonial washing before each prayer. Nearly every mosque will be offering facilities to wash, but it may be conducted in a certain way.

When you are entering the prayer section of the mosque, you will need to make sure you go in barefoot. You need to take your shoes off and leave them at the storage, which is near the entrance. As you are stepping inside the prayer area, make sure you step inside with your right foot first. As you are doing this, recite a blessing that is for Muhammad and his family.

Keep in mind that the rules of the mosque will not be different from temple to temple. Simply put, the rules of the mosque can be found written inside the Qur;an.


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