Direct Response Guru Rich Gorman – Once You Launch Your Campaign

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In Rich Gorman’s last article we went over the most important steps direct marketers need to take prior to launching a campaign online.  In this article Rich Gorman will go over the beginning steps a direct reponse marketer should take once their campaign goes live:

1.  Conduct a demographic study of your target audience.  If you cannot discover the data yourself, retain a company such as to conduct the survey for you.

2.  Launch multiple PPC campaigns on the top 3 search engines: google, yahoo, and bing.  Make sure you understand how to run a PPC campaign.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can get burn really fast. 

3.  Take your campaign on the top affiliate networks:  The best general affiliate networks that pay on a CPA basis are,, and  If you are in the health and beauty vertical, you’ll want to go with  Make sure you use a strong fraud prevention contract and DO NOT SIGN CLICKBOOTH’S standard contract, which is designed to screw you.  If you need a good addendum contact me and I will provide if for you.

While these networks are upstanding, you still need to be cautious of potential fraudulant traffic through any network.  See a network is a place where affiliates go to find all of the best merchant offers.  Many affiliates push good traffic, but every now and then you’ll find one that tries to scam the system.  The best way to stop them is to push the aff_id in the transaction and immediately eliminate them from your campaign via the network once they are discovered.

4.  Media Buys:  You can find everything you need in regards to info on media buys at

This should help you get started with your campaign.  Remember to build your foundation first before launching into these steps, as discussed in Rich Gorman’s last article.  Good luck!!!


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