Interview With Rich Gorman By Lyla Yang

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ver the past few years, a young entrepreneur has been on the rise.  His name is Rich Gorman and he owns/operates several well known businesses.

Rich Gorman is a Harvard dropout gone tech.  When I asked him in a recent interview what made him drop out of Harvard, Rich replied “Well, I haven’t acutally dropped out yet, I’m just putting in the bare minimum to finish up this semester.  Harvard was very good to me, but time is the most precious commodity that we have.  Most of my classmates are graduating and earning in the low 6 figures a year.  That’s great and all, but some of my businesses do that in a week.”

Here is an excerpt from our interview:

Lyla Yang: “Why is it that some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world drop out of Harvard?”

Rich Gorman: “Well Lyla, I just don’t think that a true entrepreneur needs Harvard.  When your out in the field, you learn quickly that academia provides very little practical knowledge.  I.E. In my Private Equity class, I learned all of the definitions in private equity and had the opportunity to meet several of the top fund managers at firms like Blackstone.  The bottom line is that you can receive a much better education by working with these firms for funding.  Simply construct a team of the best financial guru’s and pick their mind on the funding.  They’ll provide you with ample advice that is truly applicable to the venture.”

Lyla Yang: “That’s interesting, where did you learn that?”

Rich Gorman: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  When I was growing up one of my closest friends (who was 10 years older) was a self made millionaire that never went to college.  When I was first accepted to college, I thought he would tell me not to go.  Instead, he told me to go to college, have fun, but read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  Going on his trusted advice I did so.  If there has ever been a more influential book written on entrepreneurship please let me know, because that book changed my life!”

Lyla Yang: “I’ve also read Rich Dad, Poor Dad but I never made it as an entrepreneur.”

Rich Gorman: “Well Lyla, I think that Rich Dad, Poor Dad is geared to bring out the entrepreneur inside of you.  With all due respect, a journalist is a journalist as an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur.  If you’re not meant to be an entrepreneur then it doesn’t matter how much literature you read on it, you’ll never become a good one.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad will bring out the true entrepreneur inside of you only if it already exists.”

After my interview with Rich Gorman we decided to hit the night life.  Rich is a lavish spender and knows how to have a good time.  This is one of the most exciting interviews I have yet to conduct and look forward to spending time with Rich and his team the next time they are our our way! 


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