Best Ways to Save Money

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In this economy, most people want to know the best ways to save money.  Whether you’ve lost your job or you’re afraid to lose your job, things just aren’t as stable as they used to be.  Of course, we still all want to keep our quality of life.  Here are the best ways to save money.

Keep track of your expenses.  For a few months, write down every penny you spend.  You will be able to see how the little things add up over time.  You’d be surprised to find out that you might spend thousands dollars a year just on going to the coffee shop instead of brewing a cup at home.  Decide on five areas that you can improve on.  This will make things more manageable.

Cut costs where you can.  Consider cutting down on your cell phone minutes.  Beware that every time you change your plan you might renew your contract. Many cell phone providers allow you to talk to other people for free when they use the same service.  Cut out the extras that you don’t use, such as texting.  If times are really tough you can try watching TV online & stop your cable service.

Enjoy the simple things in life. In previous years the thinking was that we need more to be happier. You know how you always end up having the most fun during a power outage? Everyone comes out of their rooms & you get to spend time together playing board games. Decide on simple, free activities like writing songs on the guitar or even going for a nature hike. This is one of the best ways to save money because you create even more memories than you did when you were dropping massive amounts of cash on electronics.


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