Reiki Benefits: Why Reiki works.

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What is Reiki:

Reiki means Universal Life Force and as a Healing Technique is based on the concept that once a human being is attuned to Reiki then it is possible to use this energy to heal ourselves and even others as well. Even if Reiki is a Japanese technique the concept of being able to heal through energy dates back to the beginning of humanity, even if it was called Spiritus, Pneuma, Prana, Holy Spirit, Tao, Ki, Qi, or Force.

Reiki and its similarities with Self Hypnosis:

Reiki as a theraphy has many similarities with Self Hypnosis: both require yourself or the client to deeply relax, to focus inward, to visualize the healing energy going everywhere healing every illness; be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Why Reiki Works:

The reason why Reiki works is a simple one: it let us to use our powers to help to heal ourselves. For Reiki to work it doesn’t really matters if you believe, or feel, that there is a Universal Life Force much similar to the concept of Tao. What really matters is that you relax and focus on your inner self. This way, be it that you believe in the existance of Reiki or not, through relaxation and focus you always have benefits from a Reiki treatment.

That is, believe it or not, a Reiki treatment will make you almost always feel better. And that’s the reason of its great success everywhere.

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