How To Get White Teeth, Without Spending So Much Money

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There are many home regimens that you can try to get white teeth. Here are a couple of inexpensive ways, such as; Baking soda with peroxide…

  • Mix 2 tablespoons and about one tablespoon of peroxide.
  • Mix together until a cream like paste forms. The paste should have almost the same consistency as your regular toothpaste.
  • Then, apply to each tooth with q-tips. Leave on for about 2 minutes and then rinse and brush with your regular toothpaste.

This will get rid of any residue left behind. You could do this every day until you start to notice your teeth white.

* Note: If you have sensitive gums, sensitive teeth, and any abrasions or have any gingivitis do NOT do not make paste. See your Dentist before proceeding.

Bright Whiter Teeth with CREST WHITE STRIPS

Crest White “Whitestrips” Cost about $55.99 —20 whitening treatments come in each box (results usually last 12 months.) The white toothpaste (this is optional) goes for about $4.50 ….You could find them in CVS.

The Crest White “Whitestrips” gives you white teeth by removing surface stains as well as set-in stains deep within the enamel. They are thin, flexible strips that are coated with a tooth whitening gel. They are easy to put on. You could put them on and let them stay on your teeth for the time that is required (usually 30 minutes for beginners)…When you put on the whitening strips, read a book or read some articles here online…this will make the time go fast. You teeth will look white and fantastic! You will have perfect white teeth. Enjoy your new smile!

*The results for white teeth will vary by person; you could see results in about 3 days… but most people start seeing white teeth halfway through the regimen, and full results upon completing the regimen.

*Once you purchase your whitening strips, follow the instructions that are in the box.

*Always brush teeth after drinking coffee, soda, drinking wine or anything that can stain your teeth (wait about 10 minutes after drinking and then brush)…this will help maintain white teeth.

* If you smoke brush more frequently to maintain white teeth.

* Note: If you have sensitive gums, sensitive teeth, and any abrasions or have any gingivitis do NOT use whitening strips. See your Dentist before proceeding.

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