Slumdog Millionaire – Movie Review (Text Only)

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Here’s a movie made describing about the city of Mumbai, the poverty and the way people live their lives in slums. The movie centrally revolves around the story of how a slum boy named Jamal (the lead character) gets a chance to participate in the famous television show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millinaire’. It makes the audience ponder as to how a boy living in the slum is able to answer all the questions in order to win the million.

The questions are all related to the hardships and difficulties that Jamal had gone through in his life, not forgetting the occasional enjoyment too. The encounters faced by him through his life, right from childhood, is depicted corresponding to each question and so he is able to answer all the questions correctly. The film details the life that an average slum boy has to face in his life. The love in his life and the threats from external environment is depicted beautifully and accurately in the movie.

The film is really a good one with awesome music provided by the Indian musician A. R. Rahman. The film has bagged an incredible 10 Oscar Nominations with 3 alone for A. R. Rahman for his incredible music. Critics are not silent, though. They are pointing out the glorifying of the poverty in Mumbai which may not go down well with the people livinig in Mumbai too. Also, extreme scenes depicting the boy falling in a puddle of human excreta, electric shocks given to the boy, pouring of hot oil into the eye and scenes of young girls acting as prostitutes may well be a point of debate.

Whatever be the reactions, the movie has captured the attention of the world and it is a momentous occasion for India as many actors and unit assistants associated with the film are Indians. The emotions among the people are understandable and we surely hope that it does with the Oscars.


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